Caretaker services

The important activities of our qualified caretakers in detail:


• Property management incl. Utility bill • Monitoring of the overall condition of the property and the grounds incl. Locking service • Monitoring of garages/underground parking systems • Heating system - Monitoring functionality (operation, venting, refilling water - fuel supply) • Monitoring the elevator system • Messenger service - Running errands


• Simple cleaning • Gardening and landscaping (lawn mowing, weed removal, hedge trimming, lawn irrigation, watering flowers) • Sweeping service - emptying paper and waste baskets - refuse service • Winter service (snow removal, grit spreading) • clearing and clearing - garbage disposal - bulky goods removal • Toilet care ( soap-towels-paper) • Cleaning the drain siphon • Cleaning the gutter • Cleaning the gutters, floor grates and water inlets • Setting up and connecting TV, video and music systems and satellite systems • Setting up and connecting computer systems • Setting up and programming telephone systems • Setting up and initial operation of household and kitchen appliances • Hanging up lamps • Hanging up pictures • Removing and hanging curtains • Stretching roller blinds • Changing filters in ventilation systems (exhaust air filters) • Defrosting refrigerators • Furniture assembly • Assembly and removal of shelves • Erection of prefabricated fences (without foundations)


• Changing seals on water fittings • Correcting malfunction of door locks • Replacement of locking cylinders • Replacement of bulbs and fluorescent tubes • Adjustment or replacement of furniture fittings • Repair of damaged areas on wallpaper and doors • Sealing small holes and cracks with putty • Drywall work • Application of wallpapering with woodchip and white paint • Gluing chairs - oiling door hinges