Our services for dishwashing services

As part of our responsibilities in the kitchen service we include the following service as standard, according to the HACCP and including disinfection as well as the recording of the work:

• Disinfecting cleaning

• Surface cleaning

• Tablet return

• Quality management

• Test samples

• Damage management

• Supervision of cafés and shops


We carefully clean in the sink kitchen areas:

• Production

• Delivery

• Prepared kitchens

• Expense

• Pavilions

• Storage spaces

• Offices

• Elevators

• Refuse areas and cooling systems

• Washing-up facilities incl. floors and drains

• Furniture, inside and outside



Other items to be cleaned include:

• General Wash ware

• Cooking block

• Convection machines, hot air devices

• Fat fryers

• Ceramic stove tops

• Chilled distribution depots and trolleys

• Coffee machines

• Pot rinses and glass rinsing equipment

• Dishwashers, outside and inside

• Tray return areas