Cleaning for trade and crafts, service and administration

In order to create a healthy and attractive working and public environment for our employees and customers, our hard-working employees fight the daily accumulation of dirt and debris in buildings. As a result, our cleaning and care of the surfaces will preserve the building structure, and thus the value of the building, for a longer time.

In a hygienic work environment, employees feel more comfortable, reducing downtime. Customers feel valued and happy to come back to you.

With new concepts and state-of-the-art technology as well as property-specific training for our employees, Kastell Gebäudereinigung GmbH stands for innovation and quality. In order to make this quality measurable and transparent, we not only use bills of quantities and service descriptions but also area plans and a performance-related control system.

Already in the concept and quotation phase, we use a surface plan in order to provide our performance in detail, accurately and safely at the start.